Contribute a piece

Welcome to the 350PDX end of year art sale fundraiser! All pieces in this sale have been generously donated by staff, volunteers, or supporters of 350PDX to help us hit our end of year fundraising target of $100,000. Read more about 350PDX and our climate justice mission at, or donate directly here.

Are you an artist? Do you have artist friends or family? We are looking for donations of anything from oil paintings to postcards, sketches to sculptures, climate themed or totally unrelated. Price range can be anywhere from $5 – $500 (or more), although last year our best selling items by far were in the $20-$100 range. Please pass this call onto anyone you think might be interested!

If you’re interested in donating a piece, please submit your art using this form, or send an email to [email protected] with the following info.

Info we’ll need from artists:
  • Name of the piece
  • High resolution picture of your art
  • A suggested price
  • A small description – including dimensions, whether it is framed, year it was made, etc.
  • A link to your website/Instagram (optional!)
  • Your phone number and address so we can coordinate pickup/delivery
Deadline: The sale will go live in early-November. If you'd like to donate a piece earlier is better but we can add pieces to the website until mid December!

Any questions, please reach out to [email protected].

About 350PDX
350PDX is a Portland-based nonprofit that uses people power to fight for climate justice. We have a handful of staff, hundreds of volunteers, and thousands of supporters across Oregon who take action in our campaigns, from stopping fossil fuel projects; to pressuring banks to defund the fossil fuel industry; from winning better city climate policy; to defending our carbon-dense forests from industrial clearcutting. You can read what we're all about here.

Thank you!
Chris – 350PDX Volunteer Manager